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iMedic™ is also linked to the CHAS under Ministry of Health Singapore

As a healthcare provider, the CHAS-linked iMedic™ platform plays a beneficial role in strengthening your presence and expanding your patient reach..

Singapore's Trusted Telehealth Platform

Amidst the rise of Covid-19 infections, iMedic™ has rose to the occasion to help the Ministry of Health's national recovery plan. For our efforts in the Community Health Assistance Scheme (CHAS), we have been recognised as a Smart Clinic Management System (SmartCMS) by iHIS. The government's support in providing subsidies has created a rise in demand for telehealth services, thus guaranteeing a wider reach of patients for doctors.

Coping with the surge, iMedic™ has been developed to support a doctor's essentials in practice. The easy access to patients' health records and real-time vital signs have allowed doctors to care for Covid-19 patients with efficiency and efficacy.


Schedule daily consultations with your patients with full flexibility and control.

Fast and direct claims

CHAS claims run on fast and direct processing to ensure there is no delayed payment.

Automated home recovery vitals diary

Reduce administrative load with tools like automated Home Recovery Vitals Diary and focus more on providing care for your patients.​

Seize revenue growth on digital transformation

Grow your clinic revenue by listing flexible health screenings or treatment packages at your preferred fees.

Raise awareness and presence

Boost your presence and practice with our e-commerce and doctor search engine features.

Advanced remote patient monitoring

Access and review vitals signs and electronic medical records (EMR) at your fingertips.

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iMedic™ Cloud Hospital

iMedic™ Digital Clinic Platform is currently used by renowned doctors and patients in US, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Russia and Middle East countries for the diagnosis, management and treatment of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases (CVD), cancer, diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea, stroke rehabilitation and other diseases.

We allow you to have full control of your own health. From your choice of doctor, measure your own personal health data with wearable or home medical devices, to allow your doctors to access your Electronic Medical Record (EMR) on iMedic™ Cloud and more.

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